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Electric Flat Transfer Bogie

The power supply method for the towed electric flat transfer bogie adopts the cable reel and directly supplies power to the flat car by using the 380V 3 phase power supply. There are two ways to pick up the cable in the cable reel: one is external force picking, that is, the small reel is driven by a small chain; the other is self-reed, that is, it is actively picked up by external elastic force. Pay attention to the following points when holding this series of flat cars.
1. When loading cargo, consider the load-bearing core of the flat car. In theory, the cargo should be placed from the middle to the two ends. When unloading, the two ends are unloaded first, and finally the intermediate cargo is unloaded to ensure the strength of the flat car.
2. After starting the running of the flat transfer bogie, do not perform the fast reverse running on the flat car. The flat car should be reversible after a certain direction, otherwise the flat car's power machine layout will be slack or even damage the flat transfer bogie.
3. When the flat transfer bogie is removed, the total power supply in front of the vehicle control box should be disconnected, then the power of the ground power supply cabinet should be disconnected, and the control handle should be put back into the control box.
electric flat transfer bogie
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