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Battery power rail car for maintenance and inspection rail

Henan Perfect Handling Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a collection of research and development, design, manufacturing as one of professional international manufacturing company of Rail Maintenance Car. Our company has been founded for 13 years and has become enterprise in the motorized Rail Maintenance Car business.

The Rail Maintenance Car is always used for track maintenance and inspections. Rail Maintenance Car includes safety seats, transmission system, control cabinet, Lithium battery set, and intelligent charger with USB socket. Rail Maintenance Car also named rail repair cart or full automatically rapid detection cart, likes a magical small cart running on rail. Rail Maintenance Car is a new kind modern rail detection carts with independent research and development designed by Henan Perfect Handling Equipment Co., Ltd.

Rail Maintenance Car is high test efficiency, powerful automated real-time data processing functions, multi-environment adaptability and self-propelled cruise detection unique function. Rail Maintenance Car fills the gaps in this field at home and abroad. Rail Maintenance Car has brought a new change for the high-speed railway construction and operation and maintenance.

The Rail Maintenance Car is an outdoor electric detection rail car especially for detection on the track. Rail Maintenance Car has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, high bearing capacity, light weight, anti-smash, easy maintenance, and long service life. Because of its convenient, lightweight, economic, practical, easy to clean, and many other advantages, Rail Maintenance Car becomes one of the most popular and preferred tools to move heavy cargo with fixed path for the inspection department of high-speed railway and railway.

The Rail Maintenance Cart is mainly applied in assembly line(ring production line,loop production line),metallurgy industry(steel lade),warehouse transport,ship industry(maintenance, assemcle,container transport),work piece transport in workshop,lathe transport,steel factory(steel billet,steel plate,steel coil,steel pipe,section steel structure),construction(bridge,simple building,concrete column,)petroleum industry(oil pump,sucker rod and parts),energy(polycrystalline silicon,generator,windmill),chemical industry(electrolytic cell,retort etc),railway(rail maintenance,rail welding,train tractor).


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