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Workshop large turning rail battery powered transfer carts

Product features and applicability:
1. Workshop large turning rail battery powered transfers are widely used in petroleum, chemical, military, textile, warehouse, paint, pharmaceutical and other industries;
2. It can work in hazardous areas such as flammable gas and liquid in Zone 1 and Zone 2;
3. Workshop large turning rail battery powered transfer uses the explosion-proof AC power supply unit as the power source. It is a platform transport vehicle that runs on the track in the explosion-proof danger zone. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, no noise, no pollution, strong structure and large carrying capacity. Battery track flat car
4, the original imported AC controller, with intelligent protection system, safe and reliable performance;
5, exchange free maintenance of explosion-proof motor, strong power, no carbon brush, low maintenance cost, high efficiency;
6, wired control and remote control two modes of operation;
7, can be customized according to customer requirements.
       BXC battery electric flat car generates power by battery power supply. The battery is installed inside the electric flat car. The battery supplies power to the DC traction motor. The remote control sends commands such as start, stop, forward, reverse, speed control, etc. The electric control system issues commands. Drag the electric flat car to the DC motor to run.
Workshop large turning rail battery powered transfer carts
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